Fire Protection

Fabric Tapes

Apart from standard type we offer a multitude of fabric tapes made of plain and textured yarns. The raw materials are E-glass and silica- glass. The fabric is reinforced by high-grade steel yarns in the warp and weft as well as by various finishes, such as Vermiculite(VM), in order to improve the abrasion resistance. Polyurethane or self-adhesive finishes further expand the range of applications. Ladder tapes made of silica-glass, for example, are special designs which combine the good processing and sealing functions.

Ship building

Heat protection mats for the insulation of ship engines.              Fire protection for superstructures of ship. Welding protection.


Insulation of turbines           Insulation of pipes          Compensators

Motor vehicle industry

Inslation of the electrical system    Inslation of the engine compartment    Holding device for catalytic converters    Motor sports            Silencers

Fire protection

Petrochemical industry off-shore areas   Building protection          Personal protection           Fire extinguishing blankets


Flexible systems with good thermal and chemical properties           Flue gas desulferisation         Petrochemical industry

Sewing threads

A temperature-resistant twisted sewing thread is of great importance in the production of insulation cushions, vurtains, and heat resistant clothing. Finetwisted sewing yarns are processed on sewing machines, whereas the coarse types are preferred for manual sewing. The twisted yarns consist of glass fibers of 6 or 9μm, and can be finished with a polyurethane impregnation for processing reason. If abrasion and chemival resistance is requred, PTFE-coated twisted yarns is recommended. By means of high grade steel filaments the twisted sewing yarns can be additionally strengthened. Twisted sewing yarns with HT75 and HT68 finish are offered for high temperature loads. Various color can be supplied. Twisted sewing yarns on a Kevlar/high-grade steel basis can be supplied for high mechanical requirements.